2018 LEAD Conference Audio Files

Annual Council December 10, 2018


A History of Seventh-day Adventist Medical and Dental Education by Lisa M Beardsley-Hardy
The Sanctuary Doctrine and the Pre-Advent Judgment–A Blessing or a Curse? by Erhard Gallos
The Holy Spirit’s Operation in Divine Inspiration by Denis Kaiser
Leading Edge: “Publish A Little Paper” by Bill Knott
Our Health Legacy: A Remarkable Past, An Amazing Present, and An Eternal Future! by Peter N Landless
A True Prophet? How Early Sabbath-Keeping Adventists Accepted Ellen White’s Prophetic Gift by Ted Levterov
Battle Creek Fires: Accidental or Providential? by G T Ng

From Pen to Publication by Tim Poirier
Sabbath School Live: Looking Back to Move Forward by Ella S Simmons
Distinguished SDA Women of the Early Church (1844-1944) by Heather-Dawn K Small
What Can We Learn From the Administrative/Authority Crisis? by Artur A Stele
Channels of Light: Local Churches and Church Members in Early Adventist History by Galina Stele
Church Leadership by Ted N C Wilson